Which kind of idiot wears a maxi skirt to school when she has a bottom locker?

The above was a question a friend of mine asked me after today’s outfit. I was having camera trouble so didn’t update for a month (oops) anyways. I turned 14 as of almost three weeks ago (exciting!) But today I felt like dressing for spring (although it felt more like summer since it was 72° outside) It was a pain bending down and sitting and getting stuff out of my locker. I can’t recall how many times I was getting something out my locker and someone else tripped over my skirt. Not fun at all. On the bright side, I got some really interesting comments like “I think this is the first time all year that you haven’t been wearing a stitch of black!” or “Wow Shifa you look goddess-y  instead of angry girl who only wears black.” Sorry about the squinting, it was ridiculously sunny.

IMG_5057 march 19picture1

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