Back to Black

I tried, I really did. I really, really did. The truth is I love black, I told myself I’d limit the amount of black I wore here, but I can’t help it. Black is my power color. So I may or may not be wearing head to toe black in all of these.  Whatever I’m wearing red lipstick, does that count?


(Leotard ; Capezio,  Pants; old, Purse; no longer available at Fossil but available here, here, and here., Shoes; Express)

Summer has officially started but I haven’t even bothered shaving my legs. I’m stuck in prep classes all day so there’s  no point in bothering. It is frustrating to be stuck inside all the time and have no time to craft or read or obsessively click through Sooner or later I will pull out my denim shorts because even I can’t swelter in Texas for too long, but for now I’m enjoying the eyerolls I get every time I grace pedestrians with my presence. Actually I’m kidding, Texas summers go up to 105 °F and a black leotard doesn’t react well to your skin in the summer.  I guess I’ll have to bid my hairy legs good bye

A big thank you to Farzeen Rajwani for lending her camera skills to this post




P.S. Since summer has officially started I thought I would let you in on the fact that the Net-a-Porter sale has gone from up to 50% off to up to 70% off.  Maybe getting a pair of great shorts will convince me to finally shave my legs

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