If I Get An Actual Summer Call The Authorities Please, There’s Obviously Something Wrong

So in the midst of extra credit classes, I somehow decided that this poor, neglected blog would be fine and somewhat (read: completely) ignored it.  And then once my extra  credit classes finished, I was burned out beyond belief. I needed to have time to analyze Vampire Weekend lyrics and play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (which is a VERY underrated game). After an incredibly long time I’ve finally gotten a break, Actually I haven’t even gotten a break, until today I was still taking classes which started three days after school ended ( I should feel a huge wave of sympathy roll its way towards me right about now). I look forward to making the most of the next four weeks I have left before I’m forced to return to school and return to the land of textbooks and school supplies.

In my plan to make the most of the next four weeks, I have a series of goals I intend to meet before school starts:

1. During the next four weeks, post TEN blog posts.

2. Do interesting, stimulating things as often as you can, which leads to number three.

3. Reduce the amount of filler blog posts, by doing interesting, stimulating things

4. Remember that your friends don’t just exist on your phone and go do the aforementioned interesting, stimulating things with them.

5. Uproot your closet and invest in more FUN pieces. This is the exact opposite of what most bloggers swear to do, they promise to invest in more basic, wearable pieces. Unlike them, I have enough basics to last me a lifetime,

6.  Insert more color into my wardrobe. I won’t swear off black as that’s impossible for me, but I definitely need for color and more fun pieces in my wardrobe.

What do you plan to do with the rest of your summer? As always, let me know in the comments!