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( Cardigan; Forever 21 , Skirt; Vintage , Crop Top ; Similar , Shoes; Similar  , Jewelry ; inherited, Record ; Amazon )

I wish I had a valid reason as to why I stopped blogging, but I don’t.  Blogging just isn’t a priority for me, it never has been really.  The last six or seven months of my life have been dedicated to dance and school, leaving me little time to even think about blogging. And honestly I don’t know if I even want to blog anymore. I started this blog with the intention of covering Fashion Week collections.  But very few designers’ collections have inspired me recently. I can barely muster up enough energy to go through the lookbooks on Style.com.  To me it feels like most designers either put out collections that feel familiar or are familiar. As much as I appreciate minimalism, it feels like almost every single designer on my radar for the last couple of years has created one minimalistic collection after another.

I actually wasn’t sure if I ever planned to blog again until my best friend took these photos over spring break. We found a deserted park and I tried to channel Stevie Nicks to the best of my ability, hence the the Rumours record and the velvet skirt. Unfortunately I don’t think I executed it well, I just looked very moody and conflicted in these.  I only bothered putting on eyeliner and lipstick in an effort to look somewhat presentable. About six months ago I wore fifties style dresses and red lipstick religiously. Now I’ve shifted to plum and maroon lipstick and moodier outfits. The entire process of getting dressed has changed a lot for me now. There are days where I have the energy to wear a full face of makeup and days where I don’t bother wearing anything but lipstick. Previously I had four or five products I used everyday and was loyal to but recently I’ve started experimenting with different makeup and skincare companies. I don’t think I’m really loyal to any products right now but my moisturizer and my makeup remover.  I almost feel as if I’ve started from square one since I have no set routine. I do miss liking the feeling of getting ready, I’ve felt so bored with it recently which is why I’ve been trying out so many different products. Unfortunately boredom can be expensive, I’ve spent more on skincare products and makeup in the last couple of months than I had in four or five years.

This blog hasn’t exactly turned out how I expected. For one thing I didn’t realize how hard it is to blog about clothing.  On the rare occasions that my outfits and makeup still look immaculate by the end of the day I usually have to drag out my tripod and take my own photos.  I also expected to post about trends in clothing, which was foolish because I rarely, if ever pay attention to trends in clothing. I might admire trends but usually the way I dress is inspired by previous decades.  For the most part I don’t quite know where I’m going with this blog. I was 13 when I created it, I’m now 15. I would hope that I’ve since evolved as a person. I used fashion as a source of escape, something I don’t have to do constantly now. As much as I still love fashion I’m no longer obsessed with it. I have a feeling this blog will become a place for my musings on feminism and beauty and skin care instead.  I’m thinking of discontinuing it, it almost feels like reading your teenage diary. The URL especially is cringe-worthy. But at the same time I’m oddly proud of this blog. The content is lacking and I don’t feel like much of it accurately represents me but it is probably the first major part of my life that has nothing to do with anyone’s opinion but my own. And despite the fact that most of my posts have been questionable, it is mine and no one else’s.


Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones, But School May Actually Kill Me


So yesterday was the first day of high school, the four worst years of my life (until college that is!) I never  dress up for the first day of school too much, because I like to save my more flamboyant outfits for when I need them most.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m hopeless with directions, I still have no idea how to get from my house to my school.  Freshmen at our school have classes that are usually in one area, everyone I know has five or six classes there.  I happen to have only two classes in the freshman center, the rest I only managed to get to by running and looking like I was about to bawl until someone guided me in the direction of my next class.

Other than that I guess it went well? I mean I caught some evil eye looks from sophmores who thought they were better than me, but 90% of them are my height anyways and dress similarly and I AM NOT INTIMIDATED BY PEOPLE WHO MATCH ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Maybe my lipstick was a little too jarring? I held off and put away my red lipstick and cat eyes for another day (actually I wore it today, I can’t hold off for THAT long) and instead opted for a hot pink lip and simple eyeliner ( I felt a little basic now that I think about it) but it felt right, and I think I instilled fear into the hearts of the people, which is always the ideal aesthetic.  I actually kinda like how my hair got progressively messier. I think it balanced out the lipstick and the little black bow that blends in my hair.

15036010361_cc544e08cb_q 15015921726_64ba5f612c_qflickr 2 flickr

(Shirt ; Zara Trafaluc  Collection, Pants ; Forever 21 , Shoes ; Express )

Does anyone have any actual first day horror stories or has my entire life been a lie?




Back to Black

I tried, I really did. I really, really did. The truth is I love black, I told myself I’d limit the amount of black I wore here, but I can’t help it. Black is my power color. So I may or may not be wearing head to toe black in all of these.  Whatever I’m wearing red lipstick, does that count?


(Leotard ; Capezio,  Pants; old, Purse; no longer available at Fossil but available here, here, and here., Shoes; Express)

Summer has officially started but I haven’t even bothered shaving my legs. I’m stuck in prep classes all day so there’s  no point in bothering. It is frustrating to be stuck inside all the time and have no time to craft or read or obsessively click through Style.com. Sooner or later I will pull out my denim shorts because even I can’t swelter in Texas for too long, but for now I’m enjoying the eyerolls I get every time I grace pedestrians with my presence. Actually I’m kidding, Texas summers go up to 105 °F and a black leotard doesn’t react well to your skin in the summer.  I guess I’ll have to bid my hairy legs good bye

A big thank you to Farzeen Rajwani for lending her camera skills to this post




P.S. Since summer has officially started I thought I would let you in on the fact that the Net-a-Porter sale has gone from up to 50% off to up to 70% off.  Maybe getting a pair of great shorts will convince me to finally shave my legs

Daisy Buchanan Has Nothing On Me

I swear I meant to post this TWO WEEKS AGO.  So essentially I suck. But I’ve had this is my drafts for a while and MEANT to, things just happened… Shame on me and whatnot… But two weeks ago was our eighth grade dance and we took lots of strange (read: ugly) pictures.  Our theme was Gatsby and was not tacky at all. There were no ugly cardboard cutouts and they set up little Blackjack and Poker tables and I’m not very eloquent right now but it was pretty and wonderful and really really nice and the one time I will LIKE 90% of my school’s population

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(Dress; Robert Rodriguez for Neiman Marcus + Target, find it herehere, and here. Shoes; similar. Clutch; similar)

I look awkward in these pictures, but we didn’t really work on taking them. I’m not very photogenic, and I end up looking like I want to kill everyone (I swear I’m not going to murder anyone until I’m 32 and have hopefully achieved everything that I really need to achieve).

These last few weeks have been really hectic, but I’ve been ACHIEVING things which makes me feel a little less terrible about neglecting this.  I like lists so I thought I’d end up summarizing my last few weeks in one.

1.  We finished our yearbook and  had really good reviews, but at the same time it kills me to go through it because I can’t help but think of ways it could have been better. Oh well, there’s always next year.

2.  I have been using my Tumblr a lot. I’m not sure if this counts as achieving things as Tumblr  is usually used as a means of procrastinating, but I’ve had mine for a little under three months and I feel like its pretty well done for a newbie. I keep telling myself that to feel better about neglecting this and reblogging pretty pictures. Whatever. No shame. Actually there’s lots of shame, but I won’t admit it to it.

3. My sister came home from college and has been really good at distracting me. Like really good. Its to the point where I don’t understand how I finish my homework at a decent time.

4. We’ve been preparing for our choir Pop Show for a while and though I don’t approve of the musical choices necessarily, its still a lot more fun than choir competitions where we have to sing ancient songs about being in love (It isn’t even a good ancient, most of them are folk songs from the mid 1800s. Gag me.) We also hired a choreographer who saw my ugly ballet feet and choreographed a solo for me and another dancer to perform during a piece.

5.  So I took the ONLY standardized math test I will ever have to take to graduate high school and I powered through it , even though I wanted to curl into the fetal position and scream. I’m kind of terrified because my judgement during the test is probably not to be trusted.

So the point of this is I am a busy person with lots of things to do. Actually no I am not, but I do have dance team tryouts for the high school and a dance clinic so I don’t think I can post this week. Not that you would believe me even if I said I would.




April showers let me wear this sweater

IMG_5086 (2)IMG_5086

sweater; old, pants; H&M clearance rack, shoes; Express

I swear these were originally really good (minus my permanently annoyed look) but I edited them when I SHOULD HAVE LET THEM BE (this is why I don’t trust myself with Photoshop in yearbook). I was experimenting with places to shoot in my house and I don’t think I’ll be doing any more stair shots, I dislike the lighting. I thought about retaking them but was too lazy (oops)

Let’s catch up with Shifa’s vastly disinteresting life (that could be more interesting if she blogged more). These last couple of weeks have been so busy for me, and have been plagued with a lot of stress. Which means my hair starts falling out and I started shedding my hair EVERYWHERE. And with that comes more stress, and my very first zit (I’ve been blessed with my skin until this point) and a series of falling sick and attempting to hide it from my parents because I have SO MUCH TO DO.

Luckily, my last standardized test was today which means I (hopefully) have more time to blog and post pictures of me looking annoyed (I swear this is just my natural face, I don’t hate everything) and just as proof of my commitment I should have another post up by Sunday if not sooner (But maybe you shouldn’t hold me to that…)


Which kind of idiot wears a maxi skirt to school when she has a bottom locker?

The above was a question a friend of mine asked me after today’s outfit. I was having camera trouble so didn’t update for a month (oops) anyways. I turned 14 as of almost three weeks ago (exciting!) But today I felt like dressing for spring (although it felt more like summer since it was 72° outside) It was a pain bending down and sitting and getting stuff out of my locker. I can’t recall how many times I was getting something out my locker and someone else tripped over my skirt. Not fun at all. On the bright side, I got some really interesting comments like “I think this is the first time all year that you haven’t been wearing a stitch of black!” or “Wow Shifa you look goddess-y  instead of angry girl who only wears black.” Sorry about the squinting, it was ridiculously sunny.

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(necklace; skirt; old, top;old)





Hi! My name is Shifa. I’m a teenage girl that lives in Nowheresville, Texas (don’t bother looking it up, its not exactly on any maps). I’ve wanted to start a fashion blog forever (really just a year and a half) but was terrified at the idea. Aren’t bloggers supposed to be really stylish? And have really cool hair?; And have other really cool blogger friends? But after a lot of support (threats) from my best friend I finally decided that I needed to put my big girl pants on.-Shifa