Daisy Buchanan Has Nothing On Me

I swear I meant to post this TWO WEEKS AGO.  So essentially I suck. But I’ve had this is my drafts for a while and MEANT to, things just happened… Shame on me and whatnot… But two weeks ago was our eighth grade dance and we took lots of strange (read: ugly) pictures.  Our theme was Gatsby and was not tacky at all. There were no ugly cardboard cutouts and they set up little Blackjack and Poker tables and I’m not very eloquent right now but it was pretty and wonderful and really really nice and the one time I will LIKE 90% of my school’s population

image (6) image (5)image (1)image (7)

(Dress; Robert Rodriguez for Neiman Marcus + Target, find it herehere, and here. Shoes; similar. Clutch; similar)

I look awkward in these pictures, but we didn’t really work on taking them. I’m not very photogenic, and I end up looking like I want to kill everyone (I swear I’m not going to murder anyone until I’m 32 and have hopefully achieved everything that I really need to achieve).

These last few weeks have been really hectic, but I’ve been ACHIEVING things which makes me feel a little less terrible about neglecting this.  I like lists so I thought I’d end up summarizing my last few weeks in one.

1.  We finished our yearbook and  had really good reviews, but at the same time it kills me to go through it because I can’t help but think of ways it could have been better. Oh well, there’s always next year.

2.  I have been using my Tumblr a lot. I’m not sure if this counts as achieving things as Tumblr  is usually used as a means of procrastinating, but I’ve had mine for a little under three months and I feel like its pretty well done for a newbie. I keep telling myself that to feel better about neglecting this and reblogging pretty pictures. Whatever. No shame. Actually there’s lots of shame, but I won’t admit it to it.

3. My sister came home from college and has been really good at distracting me. Like really good. Its to the point where I don’t understand how I finish my homework at a decent time.

4. We’ve been preparing for our choir Pop Show for a while and though I don’t approve of the musical choices necessarily, its still a lot more fun than choir competitions where we have to sing ancient songs about being in love (It isn’t even a good ancient, most of them are folk songs from the mid 1800s. Gag me.) We also hired a choreographer who saw my ugly ballet feet and choreographed a solo for me and another dancer to perform during a piece.

5.  So I took the ONLY standardized math test I will ever have to take to graduate high school and I powered through it , even though I wanted to curl into the fetal position and scream. I’m kind of terrified because my judgement during the test is probably not to be trusted.

So the point of this is I am a busy person with lots of things to do. Actually no I am not, but I do have dance team tryouts for the high school and a dance clinic so I don’t think I can post this week. Not that you would believe me even if I said I would.




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