Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones, But School May Actually Kill Me


So yesterday was the first day of high school, the four worst years of my life (until college that is!) I never  dress up for the first day of school too much, because I like to save my more flamboyant outfits for when I need them most.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m hopeless with directions, I still have no idea how to get from my house to my school.  Freshmen at our school have classes that are usually in one area, everyone I know has five or six classes there.  I happen to have only two classes in the freshman center, the rest I only managed to get to by running and looking like I was about to bawl until someone guided me in the direction of my next class.

Other than that I guess it went well? I mean I caught some evil eye looks from sophmores who thought they were better than me, but 90% of them are my height anyways and dress similarly and I AM NOT INTIMIDATED BY PEOPLE WHO MATCH ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Maybe my lipstick was a little too jarring? I held off and put away my red lipstick and cat eyes for another day (actually I wore it today, I can’t hold off for THAT long) and instead opted for a hot pink lip and simple eyeliner ( I felt a little basic now that I think about it) but it felt right, and I think I instilled fear into the hearts of the people, which is always the ideal aesthetic.  I actually kinda like how my hair got progressively messier. I think it balanced out the lipstick and the little black bow that blends in my hair.

15036010361_cc544e08cb_q 15015921726_64ba5f612c_qflickr 2 flickr

(Shirt ; Zara Trafaluc  Collection, Pants ; Forever 21 , Shoes ; Express )

Does anyone have any actual first day horror stories or has my entire life been a lie?




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