April showers let me wear this sweater

IMG_5086 (2)IMG_5086

sweater; old, pants; H&M clearance rack, shoes; Express

I swear these were originally really good (minus my permanently annoyed look) but I edited them when I SHOULD HAVE LET THEM BE (this is why I don’t trust myself with Photoshop in yearbook). I was experimenting with places to shoot in my house and I don’t think I’ll be doing any more stair shots, I dislike the lighting. I thought about retaking them but was too lazy (oops)

Let’s catch up with Shifa’s vastly disinteresting life (that could be more interesting if she blogged more). These last couple of weeks have been so busy for me, and have been plagued with a lot of stress. Which means my hair starts falling out and I started shedding my hair EVERYWHERE. And with that comes more stress, and my very first zit (I’ve been blessed with my skin until this point) and a series of falling sick and attempting to hide it from my parents because I have SO MUCH TO DO.

Luckily, my last standardized test was today which means I (hopefully) have more time to blog and post pictures of me looking annoyed (I swear this is just my natural face, I don’t hate everything) and just as proof of my commitment I should have another post up by Sunday if not sooner (But maybe you shouldn’t hold me to that…)


Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I Don’t Really Like You

So Valentine’s Day passed recently, and Valentine’s Day is one of those days where I try, but I can’t really get excited about. I don’t know why, but I guess its just not my thing. On the plus side I did get this Peter Pilotto for Target dress from my parents for Valentine’s Day which was nice. The collection was apparently sold out within a couple of hours, but one of the very few perks of living in a tiny suburb of Houston is that no one knows who Peter Pilotto is or how many Vogue CFDA awards they’ve won. So days after the collection was released, most of it still there. This wasn’t my favorite piece, but it had the best fit on me, was one of the few my mom approved of, and I liked the quality for the price. I think I”ll wear it on my birthday which is in less than two weeks (!!!) But back to Valentine’s Day. In all honesty it wasn’t that bad, I got to show my friends how much I appreciate them by making them chocolate flowers which are such a pain but worth it. Here’s a bad snapchat of them

Chocolate FlowersSinging Valentine


And our choir got to deliver Singing Valentines and flowers. And sing to people. Sorry, didn’t know if you caught that,  SING TO PEOPLE. And not only did we humiliate the student body, but we made t-shirts to go with them  Which was fun because we got to put glitter on them AND A MEAN GIRLS REFERENCE, because we were also celebrating Tina Fey, or we just really like Mean Girls. I have to admit I teared up a little as this was my last time to do Singing Valentines and my last year in choir since I’m probably doing  Journalism next year. I’ve never been great at choir, I have an okay voice, but I’ve met so many lovely people through choir. And we always do have fun together. I had the opportunity to have two electives both this year and last year, but won’t have that luxury next year in HIGH SCHOOL. This is terrifying me, But its also making me appreciate so much. Oops, this turned cheesy. I’m going to atop before I start listing life lessons.


Just needed to mention I’m going to HIGH SCHOOL. I’m five feet and three inches, pretty sure I’m not tall enough for that.